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Mafia leader arrested for running gang from hospital

Cosenza, July 17 – A leader of an ‘Ndrangheta clan, living in a private hospital in the northern Calabrian city of Cosenza, received payments there from his gang’s extortion activities, police said Wednesday.

Mario Musacco, leader of the ‘Ndrangheta-Perna Cicero clan, was arrested after police used hidden cameras in the hospital to document the clan deals.

Several members of the clan, suspected of running protection rackets against businesses and shops, were picked up by police earlier in the day.

‘Ndrangheta is Italy’s richest and most dangerous mafia.

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Mafia boss serving life sentence attacks magistrate in jail

Two officers injured in scuffle

Reggio Calabria, November 7 – A mafia boss serving seven life sentences attacked a prosecutor while being questioned in prison in the town of Viterbo near Rome on Wednesday.

Domenico Gallico, 54, from the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta criminal organization, had asked to meet with judge Giovanni Musaro regarding a case in which he is being investigated.

Police say that Gallico punched Musaro, breaking his nose, before officers could restrain the mafia head.

Two policeman were also injured during the scuffle.



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22 arrested in Piedmont ‘Ndrangheta sweep

Reggio Calabria, October 23 – Italian police on Tuesday arrested 22 suspected members of the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mafia in an operation that police said confirmed its spread to northern Italy.

A Turin prosecutor ordered the arrests, which took place at various locations around Piedmont as well as Calabria, the southern Italian region where ‘Ndrangheta was born.

Police carried out 40 raids and seized millions of euros in assets in a probe into suspected drug trafficking, weapons possession, extortion and receiving stolen goods.

‘Ndrangheta, now richer and more powerful than Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, has infiltrated northern Italian business and politics, investigators say.

Last week a Lombardy regional councillor was arrested on suspicion of buying votes form the Calabrian Mob.



‘Symbolic’ ‘Ndrangheta building impounded

Reggio Calabria, October 22 – Italian police on Monday seized a building in the Calabrian city of Palmi regarded as a symbol of the sway of the locally based ‘Ndrangheta mafia, the world’s most powerful crime syndicate.

The four-storey building with five apartments and four basement meeting rooms, surrounded by large grounds with high walls and an imposing gate, was “the symbol of the mafia power exerted over the area by the Gallico’ clan,” prosecutors said. The building, worth an estimated three million euros, was impounded on the orders of the local office of Italy’s anti-mafia department.

‘Ndrangheta has overtaken Cosa Nostra as Italy’s richest mafia, whose impenetrability is matched by its international reach.

It controls the European cocaine trade and has branches throughout Italy, northern Europe, Canada and Australia.



Mafia ‘world leader in drug smuggling’

The Ndrangheta, the branch of the Italian mafia rooted in the region of Calabria, is the world’s leader in drug smuggling, the head of Italy’s police force, Antonio Manganelli, says.

In recent years, a string of police operations in northern Italy and the 2007 execution-style slayings of six suspected clan affiliates in Duisburg, Germany, have exposed the extent to which the Ndrangheta has expanded beyond its Calabrian base.

It is “today perhaps the strongest, the most present (organised crime force) in the field of drugs, I can confirm that,” Manganelli said during a press conference in Rome with Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble.

“Calabrian groups are thought to be the strongest,” Manganelli insisted, noting that he could not confirm whether they controlled 60 per cent of the world’s cocaine market, as a journalist had asked.

Underscoring the concerns about the Ndrangheta, Prime Minister Mario Monti’s government later on Tuesday adopted an emergency decree, removing from office the local administration in Reggio Calabria, the regional capital of Calabria, because of mafia infiltration concerns.

It was the first time that such a decision was imposed on a provincial capital, Interior Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri said, speaking about the “contiguity” between Ndrangheta circles and the local centre-right administration, elected in 2011.

Noble was in Rome to prepare an Interpol general assembly for November 5-8 in the Italian capital.

He said the event would be preceded by a meeting of interior ministers from more than 100 countries to discuss global security and anti-terrorism.

Source: news.ninemsn.com.au

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Italian Prosecutors Say Canada Too Lax On Mafia

Italian authorities say Canada, especially Ontario, has become a base for the Calabrian Mafia, or ‘Ndrangheta — particularly for money laundering — because Canada is perceived to have a lax approach to dealing with the Mob.

Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor Roberto DiPalma revealed to a joint Radio-Canada/Toronto Star investigation that Canada may have become a place where Mob figures can hide, hoping that Canadian justice won’t touch them.

“Canada is virgin territory for the ‘Ndrangheta,” said DiPalma. “They infiltrated the fabric of the economy, especially through the construction industry.”

Some Italian prosecutors are openly frustrated by Canada’s handling of the murderous, wealthy and drug trafficking ‘Ndrangheta.

“It is 10 years since we told the Canadians to pay attention because ‘Ndrangheta is very present in Canada, mostly in Toronto,” said prosecutor Nicola Gratteri. “We did not have good collaboration with the Canadian police.”


Fugitive ‘Ndrangheta boss arrested

Domenico Aquino, 47, on the run since July 2010

Reggio Calabria, September 14 – A fugitive boss in the Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta mafia was arrested in his home in a Calabrian town Friday.

Domenico Aquino, 47, had been on the run since July 2010 after evading capture in a major anti-‘Ndrangheta sweep across Italy.

Aquino, the head of the clan of the same name based in his home town of Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, is accused of mafia association.

Aquino’s two brothers, Francesco and Rocco, were caught in the July operation that bagged over 100 ‘Ndranghetisti. Rocco was clan chief at the time, according to police.

Source: ANSA.it