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Naples mafia suspects arrested over cocaine ‘thief”s murder

Police early on Tuesday in southern Italy arrested five suspects over the murder in 2006 as a ‘vendetta’ for the alleged theft of half a kilogramme of cocaine from the Naples mafia.
The five suspects allegedly belong to the Naples mafia or Camorra’s Belforte clan and face charges over the murder of Michele di Giovanni.
Di Giovanni was ‘punished’ by the Caserta-based Belforte clan for the purported cocaine theft, which occurred in 2003, according to investigators.
The arrests were carried out in Caserta on the orders of anti-mafia prosecutors following a lengthly judicial probe.



Police seize 18 weapons from Camorra

Naples, September 27 – Police said Thursday they had seized an armoury of weapons, some dating from the war in the former Yugoslavia, in a property under construction in the city of Giugliano near Naples.

It is believed the weapons were part of a cache owned by the Camorra crime organization.

The seizure included 18 weapons: three semi-automatic Kalashnikovs, 10 rifles from the former Yugoslavia, and five shotguns. Four of the rifles seized were equipped with telescopic sights.

The armoury was hidden in the attic of a home under construction.

The owner has disappeared.

Forensic experts are studying the weapons to try to determine if any were used in recent mafia crimes and battles.

Raffaele Abete1

Brother of Camorra mafia boss ambushed and shot dead

Naples – The brother of a high-level Camorra mafia boss was fatally shot at close range in the northern Scampia neighborhood of Naples as he left a bar late Saturday night, police said. Raffaele Abete, 42, brother of imprisoned clan boss Arcangelo Abete, was shot in the head by two killers in what police believe to be a response to the murder of rival gang leader Gaetano Marino last August at a bathing establishment south of Rome.

One of the reported motives could be a power struggle internal to the criminal group known as the “Scissionisti”.

Source: ansa.it


Citizens clash with police in effort to stop arrest of mob boss

Cosenza, 7 Aug. (AKI) – A number of Italian military police were injured when members of a neighbourhood in southern Italy rose up to defend a fugitive mafia boss who was arrested after five months on the run.

The carabinieri police found 67-year-old mafia boss Ceslestino Abbruzzese hiding in the city of Cassano allo Ionio in the Calabria region following a manhunt that started with his escape from a hospital in March.
When police moved in to arrest him, friends, family and other inhabitants poured out into the street and engaged in a kind of tug-of-war in an effort to keep Abbruzzese from returning behind bars.

Some police were reportedly bruised during the scuffle.
The clash between citizens and police resembled similar incidents in and around Naples during arrests of crime bosses belonging to the Camorra crime syndicate.

Italy’s three main mafia’s consist of the ‘Ndrangheta – the organisation in which Abbruzzese is involved – centered in Calabria, Sicily’s Cosa Nostra, and the Camorra from Naples.

Alleged Camorra boss Michele Zagaria is escorted by police officers out of the police headquarters in Caserta, Italy.

Treasury Sanctions Italian Crime Syndicate

The U.S. Department of the Treasury designated five key leaders of the Camorra Wednesday, one of Italy’s largest criminal syndicates.

The move is part of the Obama Administration’s efforts to crack down on international organized crime and effectively cuts off the sanctioned individuals from the U.S. financial system.

The Treasury Department designated Antonio Iovine, Michele Zagaria, Mario Caterino, Paolo Di Mauro, and Giuseppe Dell’Aquila as leaders or senior members of the Camorra, which is made up of a number of rival clans. The designations prohibit U.S. citizens from conducting financial or commercial transactions with the men and freeze any assets they may have under U.S. jurisdiction.

“We will continue to pursue members and supporters of the Camorra, and today’s action against the group’s leadership will help us cast an even larger net to expose their financial facilitators and associates wherever they may operate,” Under Secretary David S. Cohen said in a news release.

Last year, President Obama identified the Camorra as a transnational criminal organization. The administration has previously identified three other groups as crime syndicates, including the Yakuza, the Zetas and the Brother’s Circle.

The Camorra is involved in money laundering, extortion, alien smuggling, robbery, blackmail, kidnapping, political corruption, and counterfeiting around the world, according to the news release.

Source: wsj.com

'Sandokan' when he was 43

12 Camorra arrests

Naples, May 4 – Italian police on Friday arrested 15 suspected members of the notorious Casalesi clan of the Neapolitan Camorra mafia.

The 15, all in their 20s, were arrested on suspicion of mafia crimes including extortion in a so-called “advertising racket” and were linked to jailed Casalesi chieftain Francesco’Sandokan’ Schiavone, police said.

They were commanded by two of Schiavone’s sons, police said.

Schiavone, 59, a superboss of the clan featured in Roberto Saviano’s 2006 expose’ Gomorrah, has been in jail since 1998.

He is nicknamed Sandokan after Italy’s most famous literary pirate.

Schiavone is one of the Casalesi bosses whose death threats against Saviano have forced the 31-year-old writer into round-the-clock police protection.


Source: ansa.it

Giovanni Capone Perna

Fugitive mafia killer arrested in Portugal

Lisbon, 3 May (AKI) – Italian gangster and convicted murderer Giovanni Capone Perna was arrested in Portugal on Thursday after seven months on the run.

Perna, a member of the powerful Camorra mafia from Naples, was evading a 30-year sentence for the 2003 killing of Francesco Esposito, a mafia boss.

Perna could be extradited back to Italy within the next few days. He was arrested in Holivera do Hospital, a town in central Portugal

Esposito was killed on the orders of clan bosses eyeing who were valuable public works contracts.

The Camorra has its roots in and around the southern Italian city of Naples. The group together with Sicily’s Cosa Nostra and the Calabria region’s ‘Ndrangheta is one of Italy’s top three crime networks.

Perna is a member of the Pagnozzi crime family, whose top boss Domenico Pagnozzi was arrested in Rome in 2003.


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